Hanel Lockomat

Hanel Lockomat® for safe and secure retrieval.
The advantages speak for themselves

Compartment doors that are closed manually or automatically guarantee error-free retrieval and protect the stored articles from unauthorized access.

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User authorization
The user proves his authorization by means of an ID card, password or transponder, and the user interface set up for him personally appears on the display. All booking operations can then be traced to a specific user. Multiple users can be set up with different authorizations.

Article management
Articles are requested or put into storage by entering an article number or using a barcode scanner. The digital LED display on the work surface indicates the compartment door behind which the article is stored.

All pick and put operations are logged, which makes later verification and tracking easy. Similar-looking articles can’t be confused.

Inventory control
Continuous inventory control means that shortages in the supply of materials can be avoided. The intelligent microprocessor control system can be easily integrated into the customer's own IT system. This ensures you have an overview of the stock situation at all times.

Protection of inventory
The closed storage system protects your stock from unauthorized access.

Space and time savings
Optimum use of floor space. There are no upper limits to the Lockomat®. Systems can even span multiple floors.

The Lockomat® is designed according to the tried-and-tested vertical carousel principle. That means:
Goods to man is the motto instead of man to goods. Access times are slashed.