Aerospace & Defence

A report from Deloitte Global said the worldwide aerospace and defence industry is expected to return to growth in 2016 with total sector revenues estimated to grow at 3%. Increases in passenger travel demand, new technologies and security threats are thought to be fuelling increases in aircraft production, defence budgets and the global supply chain.

Also, in 2015 the level of aircraft production rates were about twice the levels experienced 10 years ago. With this in mind, you want to be able to accommodate this expected growth in production and have systems in place to support, rather than restrict you.

Through the years we have advanced operations at DARA St Athan, RAF Coningsby, Allaero, Lisi Aerospace and BE Aerospace; invite us to help you achieve more at your site.

Industry Benefits:

  • One solution for all – store large bulky items and small parts all in the one place, no need to waste time searching an entire warehouse
  • Safe and secure storage of all high value parts and components with tracking of batch numbers and user traceability
  • Clean and controlled environment for small, fragile items
  • Multiple access and loading options available for heavy goods
  • Full inventory control with journal logging, access control and picture capture of all storage goods
  • Facilitate growth and accommodate future demand

Industry Applications:

  • Locate the machine directly in your aircraft hangar
  • Spare parts and tooling equipment storage with speedy batch picking
  • Store parts by batch and part numbers in one central location
  • ‘Goods to man’ principle allows parts to be retrieved close to the equipment staff are working on
  • Large air frame components storage, utilising the wider tray option
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“Industore were extremely helpful and took us to visit two client locations to see Hänel Lean-Lifts in operation. The first two of our machines were installed on time, within budget and immediately released two stock rooms of free space. Locating stock and picking orders is now much easier. The stock is in a closed and stable temperature environment and we have been able to double our stock holding without having to relocate. Furthermore step ladders are now no longer required and our use of forklift trucks is minimal, overall our warehouse is now a much safer place in which to work”

Justin Greasley, Allaero