Today’s manufacturing environments differ from one operation to another. From repetitive procedures with dedicated production lines making the same product 24/7, to production where labour intensive operations are being replaced in some cases with machinery and equipment; these environments can be seen in mechanical, engineering, electronics, mining and so forth.

The more repetitive the production process, the more effective an automated environment and the need for specialised machinery. With significant importance placed on such machines, staff overseeing this equipment need quick and easy access to tools and parts if the machines need repairing, or worst case scenario, they break down. Any downtime results in costly production time wasted. And this is exactly where the Lean-Lift from Hänel is guaranteed to help put you back into control.

Industry Benefits:

  • Save up to 90% of your warehouse floor space
  • Access points can be opened in the heart of your production area, for teams to retrieve all parts and tools quickly
  • Multiple loading options are available for those large, heavy items
  • Complete stock control logging user activities in your Hänel systems
  • Total integration with your Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Save time and money by always making sure all parts are in stock and ready for your busy team
  • Protect all components from environmental damage
  • Protect valuable tools from theft
  • Access areas used for retrieving bulk storage of electrical spares, mechanical components and/or engineering accessories

Industry Applications:

  • Store items together in the one place for your entire team – from your smallest screws to your heavy materials
  • Find and select the smallest electrical components with Pick-to-Light technology
  • Store parts by batch and/or part numbers
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“The addition of the Lean-Lifts have allowed us to further increase the amount of working space we have available at our sites in Falkirk and Great Yarmouth. This investment is part of our ongoing commitment to improving our processes and, as a result, assisting us to continue delivering the high level of service we are renowned for. We are delighted to have built a long, successful partnership for our storage needs with Industore.”

Derek Payne, Outreach Ltd