Energy & Utilities

Over the years, innovation has played a fundamental role especially in the oil and gas industry and across the wider energy supply chain. Technological advancements have had a profound impact on the way companies produce, process and distribute oil and gas.

With this in mind, a number of dynamic machines and systems need to be up and running 24/7/365 days a year to provide the nation with solutions to energy and utilities. To provide such products and to keep these critical machines working efficiently with little-to-zero downtime, access to all high value tools and spare machinery parts must be easily available and secured in a protected environment at all times.

You can create a safe, future-proof operation across your site with Hänel features such as the high speed roller shutter doors and access code management so only those members of staff who need to retrieve such equipment will be granted access.

GE Oil and Gas UK, Shell UK, Electricity Supply Board and others have all entered into partnerships with Industore for their automated storage and retrieval systems.

Industry Benefits:

  • Secure access control with journal logging and picture capture of all items retrieved
  • Storage and retrieval of tools and components can be booked quickly using barcode scanners
  • Tools will be clearly organised via the HänelSoft® storage management software
  • Link the Lean-Lift to your company‘s resource planning system to boost workplace efficiency
  • Multiple access and loading options available for heavy equipment
  • Accommodate expected and unexpected future demand

Industry Applications:

  • Store items under controlled conditions
  • Secure critical parts for machinery
  • Store all tooling – large and small
  • Store large stock of spare parts
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“It’s just a much better system all in. In the old days here, workers had to rifle through shelving trying to find what they needed. Now they can just go to the Lean-Lift, call up the part and it’s delivered immediately. Also guys would put parts back in the wrong location and take more than they needed – just a couple of things that were costing us a lot of time and money. But the Lean-Lifts have now reduced money being lost through negligence, to virtually zero. I’d definitely recommend Industore and the Hänel Lean-Lifts, they have not only delivered on their initial plans but some of the benefits discussed have exceeded expectations now that we have seen the system up and running.”

Aidan Murphy, ESB Ireland