Logistics & Distribution

According to Deloitte, the fundamental challenge facing companies within the logistics and distribution industry is how to provide an efficient and cost effective service through increased use of innovative operational and technological solutions.

Implementing modern technologies over conventional systems to improve efficiency should be a key priority for companies within this sector if they expect to grow. With increased competition in the UK and Ireland, significant pressure is placed on pricing and differentiation. To tackle this, more and more companies look at automated systems across their site.

Working with some of the nation’s leading brands in logistics and distribution, including Hewlett Packard, BRIGGS Equipment, Harris DAF, First Choice Catering and TVS Supply Chain Solutions, we will design and supply applications, big or small, suitable for your needs now and those predicted for the future.

Industry Benefits:

  • Up to 90% space savings over conventional systems in your warehouse
  • Bespoke integration with Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • ‘Goods to Man’ principle – fast picking for speedy despatch
  • Better accuracy of goods selection with Pick-to-Light technology
  • Superb inventory control with access code management
  • Accountability of all goods with integrated camera technology

Industry Applications:

  • Slick warehouse distribution with multi-order picking and selection
  • Warehouse consolidation with multi-site WMS
  • Secure parts and tooling storage for assembly lines
  • Store large stock of spare parts
  • Electronics assembly and distribution
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“We chose Industore after working together with them for almost 12 months. It was clear from the discussions and site visits we made to existing clients of Industore that the company had a proven track record for providing fast and reliable, totally integrated parts picking solutions within companies of a similar status and application. It was felt by our project team that Industore would make a good partner for us in achieving our long term objectives and this was mainly due to the commitment and support given to us by their project management team and Senior Directors”

Keith Dewhurst, TVS Supply Chain Solutions