The storage requirements in the healthcare sector is vast. Research and development departments need a protective environment for storing sterile equipment, with the administration teams needing to store numerous archives and patient records precisely.

In our experience, departments can span several floors in a building and yet require access to the same instruments and drugs located in one central place. This results in staff having to walk some distance to access the equipment they need quickly. With Hänel automated solutions these inefficiencies are eliminated thanks to dual access points in the front and back or at the bottom and top of the machine.

Hänel machinery has proved extremely popular in numerous companies involved or within the healthcare industry throughout the UK and Ireland, including Boston Scientific, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, NHS Wales and MSD Ireland.

Industry Benefits:

  • Live inventory update with short retrieval times of surgical instruments
  • Integrated intelligent controller can ensure medications stored in Hänel systems are not kept beyond their expiry date
  • Hänel Rotomat secures thousands of instruments and drugs clearly arranged in a protected environment
  • All drugs retrieved can be logged and traced back to their respective users
  • Drug categories can be assigned to relevant staff and only requested by them
  • Only drugs selected by barcode or storage number can be withdrawn from the machines
  • Antimicrobial surface finish is perfect for sterile environments
  • Special sealing used on the machines ensures maximum permeability
  • Central inventory controlled pharmacy – administration and storage of medicines contained in a central pharmacy

Industry Applications:

  • The Hänel Rotomat system is especially suited for storing heavy anodised aluminium containers storing sterilised surgical instruments
  • Pathology specimens can be stored in Hänel systems
  • In hospitals where there are multiple floors, you can set retrieval points on different levels
  • Access areas can be installed in the operating rooms for surgical instruments
  • Hospital laundry service can be distributed between floors
  • With ClimateStore® technology hospitals can store temperature sensitive medical supplies
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I would certainly recommend Hänel automated storage systems with Industore. Firstly, the reliability we have experienced with Hänel equipment has been first class, and secondly working with Industore through the different phases of deployment at our site has been seamless. Due to the benefits gained as a result of these modern systems at Galway, we have incorporated at least a further 10 machines at another 2 of our sites here in Ireland. My advice to others looking into options for improving their facility is to go and see the machines in action – you’ll be impressed!

James Kirrane, Boston Scientific Limited, Galway Ireland