Food & Beverage

A specialist area of ours, we understand the different environments required to store ingredients, finished products, packaging, labelling, and so on. Our expanding client base within this sector includes the likes of Wrigleys, William Grant, Edrington and many more.

Over the years we have seen an increase in demand for vertical carousels and storage systems across the supply chain in this sector. In the wider Hänel partner network, clients are particularly interested in the benefits of temperature controlled environments, clean rooms and dry store rooms. This interest has been driven by the ever-increasing quality requirements being imposed in the food and beverage industry to ensure companies comply with only the highest possible quality standards.

DryStore® and ClimateStore® technologies from Hänel integrate into the Lean-Lift and Rotomat allowing an assortment of perishable goods and sample products to be stored exactly how they should be.

Also, within the production line, all packaging must be stored in an environment away from any dirt or dust. Hänel machinery can do just this whilst providing quick access for staff to pack the items ready for despatch.

Industry Benefits:

  • Control over label tagging – overcoming the label issues that are inherent in this industry
  • Samples stored in a temperature controlled Hänel Rotomat protected from light and dust
  • Efficient electronic heating unit for keeping temperatures consistent
  • Fast and convenient access to ingredients
  • Arrange and better organise all raw materials
  • Technicians can retrieve ingredients for recipes simultaneously
  • Storage containers can have barcodes for automatic scanning – for example, when a container is returned to inventory, the barcode is scanned and the Rotomat automatically brings the correct tray to the access point for retrieval
  • Integrated LED indicators at the access point light up to show employees the exact position of each storage container, making the process much faster

Industry Applications:

  • Store spare machinery parts and tooling
  • Protect raw materials
  • Hold equipment for research and development
  • Secure labels and packaging
  • Store food and drink samples
  • Store recipe ingredients
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“We looked at other automated storage companies and their solutions but we had specific recommendations for Industore based on work they had done previously and the successful implementation, operation and service of their Hänel machines. Based on this project we would absolutely recommend Industore. Throughout the process our initial brief changed in places and Industore were able to adapt the machine accordingly. Overall we are very happy with the Lean-Lift..”

Gary Collins, Edrington