According to an analysis published by PwC and Oxford Economics in 2015, investment in the UK’s railway and airport infrastructure will almost double over the decade to 2025.

There is a vast range of operations within the transportation sector, including aviation, bus and coach, rail, tram and metro services, taxi and private hire and water transport. The extensive supply chain involved in these operations can include freight transportation, maritime and port operations, postal and courier activities and warehousing, storage and handling.

Such a vibrant sector requires a number of staff involved, operating critical machinery for the manufacture of such transportation services and the maintenance and repair of each finished product.

Incorporation of Hänel automated storage solutions will result in a more consistent workflow, seamless operation and reduction in downtime that will boost staff morale across the board and will enhance production times to stay ahead of the expected, and unexpected, peaks in workflow.

Industry Benefits:

  • High load-bearing capacity with the Hänel Rotomat- up to 750kg per carrier
  • Protection of high value tools from damage and unauthorised access
  • Continuous inventory control means that shortages in the supply of parts and materials will always be avoided
  • Compartment dividers, containers or drawers available to store all stock
  • Long lifecycle of Hänel machinery to keep your operation working effectively at all times, for a long time

Industry Applications:

  • Store sub assembly materials at the heart of the operation area
  • Store components for maintenance in a central location
  • Store small, fragile parts
  • Store heavy components and tools
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Through the implementation of automated storage and retrieval systems from Hänel, countless hours and costly shifts have been saved for Alstom Transport UK. In our experience, the return on investment for this project overall is quantifiable in months, not years.

Jason Hughes, Alstom Transport UK