Over the last 20 years, our team of specialists at Industore have built up an impressive portfolio of leading brands within the automotive sector, helping each of them through their journey to automation.

We’re system designers and have had the opportunity to design, specify and implement innovative solutions into a range of sites storing a diverse set of components and parts for servicing right through to accessories.

Global brands such as BMW, Audi, Mini, Porsche and Rolls Royce trust vertical carousels and Lean-Lift technologies from Hänel. From dealerships storing replacement air filters and light bulbs for their cars on the shop floor, to the production line securing valuable tools for the machinery responsible for the build of such prestigious cars.

Both the Lean-Lift and Rotomat are popular choices in the automotive sector due to their flexibility.

Industry Benefits:

  • Inventory control on a minimum footprint at your warehouse and your dealership
  • Save foot fall time searching for specific tools and spares in different places
  • Store your spare parts for machinery alongside production line tools safely and securely
  • Eliminate late night picking by spare parts department by providing engineers with direct access to the repair workshop
  • Save time and money by always making sure all items are in stock and ready for your team
  • Save time otherwise spent waiting for parts delivery by picking and sorting tools for servicing in advance
  • Protect all components from dust, dirt and unauthorised access
  • Eliminate the need to relocate to a larger warehouse

Industry Applications:

  • Storage of servicing tools
  • Spare parts storage in a clean environment
  • Secure small and light components
  • Store large, heavy items including engine blocks in one place
  • Retrieve accessories immediately on your dealership floor
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“Initially we looked at Industore’s solutions to save floor space and help us maximise the number of service bays in our new facility. We were also aware that we needed a solution that was going to help us organise and maintain our stock better. The Lean-Lifts not only helped us achieve our goals, but they have actually exceed them. Since we opened we have managed to go from holding £300,000 worth of stock in the Parts Department to around £80,000. This is a result of huge improvements in stock utilisation and accuracy. The Lean-Lift is far more accurate than the stock forms we previously used. I would recommend Industore and I would definitely recommend the Hänel Lean-Lift. The overall improvement in organisation has been massive and it is difficult to think about the way we used to operate before the introduction of the Lean-Lifts.”

Simon Wilkes, BMW Benham